Gut de Canar Ltd.
Duck meat products in the town of Rakovski

About us

In Bulgaria, this small but heavenly country in the Southeastern part of Europe, there is a town nestled between the high mountains and open grasslands, whose long history proves that dedication and hard work are not a myth, but reality. My family has been raising ducks for decades; we feed them on pure corn to ensure a natural and healthy environment.

My duty and love for my family prompted me to make my choice.  Over the years I have come to realize that foie gras is an aristocratic delicacy that brings elegance and sophistication to the table.

Inspired by the desire to offer products of exceptional quality I have established demanding and rigorous standards for selection of raw materials.  Each ingredient is carefully selected. I am proud that there are no additives or colorings in my recipes.  Share the enjoyment of quality and the perception of aromas and flavors with your family and friends! The customer satisfaction as well as the importance of tradition and authenticity lie at the heart of my recipes.