Gut de Canar Ltd.
Duck meat products in the town of Rakovski

Duck pâté, confit, 200 g

9.60 BGN


Foie gras (90%), water, Port wine, sugar, salt, spices, antioxidant E316, preservative: E250.

Tips on how to prepare:

Consume as you prefer before the expiry date. Store in a dry place; allow to temper before serving. After opening store at temperature between 0° and 4° C, consume within 3 days.

Tips on how to consume:

To fully enjoy the foie gras tasting experience, take the box out of the fridge 12 hours prior to consumption. For perfect slices, cut it with a toothless knife with a thin blade knife dipped in hot water. Serve with a slice of rustic bread or a toast.